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The town of Hobro

Hobro was founded in 980, and today it has some 14,000 inhabitants. It is located in the corner of a fjord which is one of the longest and most beautiful in Denmark – seen from the land as well as the sea side.

Hobro and vicinity lie in a very characteristic and varied landscape, from very rich soil to dry heather covered hills. The area is also rich on lakes, streams, forests, and, of course, the fjord, all making the area ideal for both active holidays and recreation.

Hobro was originally a Viking town and it was they who built the circular stronghold, Fyrkat, in Onsild Ådal right outside of town. The water mill at Fyrkat Møllegård is still operating.

Local sights

Bramslev hills.

Varying, preserved hills with beautiful juniper stand, hillsides, canyons and streams.

Øls Skæppe.

Large sinkhole. 100×50 metres i diameter, approx. 15 metres deep.

Veteran train Handest/Mariager.

Runs through af magnificent landscape.

The World Map at Klejtrup Lake.

The world map is built on the banks of the lake. The world’s largest lakes, rivers and mountains are marked, and most of the world’s flags are there.

Sights within one hour of driving: